“It wasn’t the wearing of the hat that counted so much as having one to wear. Every trade, every craft had its hat.” ― Terry Pratchett


Greetings and Salutations, I hope your day is stunning, productive, and delicious. If you’ve reached this mother ship, hub, polestar of a site, you’ve come a long way and I applaud your sagacity.  My name is Noelle Labrousse and I will be your guide. I am a creatively-inclined Stitchteller, Sidekick, and Underdog Advocate living and working in and around my hometown, Portland, Oregon. If you are in need of content to grow your small business, you’ve reached your destination. Please contact me here or drop me a line. I’d love to be of service to you.



Watson Proxy


Watson Proxy is on a mission to present you and your clients with superior service and excellence at every turn. Whether you are in need of a second self, a helping hand, or a good ole’ fashion paper pushing, Watson Proxy is here to help.
Watson Proxy is the brainchild of Noelle Labrousse, a creatively-inclined Realtor, Sidekick, and Underdog Advocate. With a background in marketing, design, and banking, Labrousse creates a diverse suite of services for her real estate pals in and around the Portland Metro area. For a complete look and to learn more about Noelle please click on the link below:


Portland Detective


“Noelle Labrousse is the Nancy Drew of Real Estate.” -D Mulhern

Step aside Miss Marple, take a break Madelyn “Maddie” Hayes, and give those fingers a rest Jessica Fletcher, there’s a new gal in town. A determined dame on mission to serve folks in pursuit of their dreams. Her investigations take her into the nooks and crannies of the housing market, up and down highways, in and around counties, and through forgotten alleys. She is resourceful, experienced, and relentlessly devoted to her Client’s success. Whether she’s tracking down a house or closing on a sale, this Realtor sleuth is client-focused and on the case. Detail-oriented, knowledgeable, and dedicated, Noelle Labrousse is the Portland Detective.

If you are in pursuit of your dream home, or you need help selling your current abode, I’d be thrilled to be of service to you. Please contact me here or call 503.913.0486 (text works great).


Noelle is responsible, capable, detail-oriented and smart. She is client-focused and a problem-solver who would be a great asset to any organization. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her.

JJ Mulvey

She provides support, well-designed business solutions including websites, promotions, and opportunities for her clients to grow. She understands needs, marketing, and is constantly networking to build a solid pool of resources for herself and her clients. Noelle is not only gifted at what she does, she genuinely cares and strives to help everyone around her succeed in their dreams. It’s not a question. You want Noelle on your team.

Anne WBusiness Owner

Noelle always infuses work with creativity, kindness and a jovial spirit that makes collaboration fun and exciting.

Arwen Ungar

Noelle Labrousse, in my whole hearted opinion has a certain kind of way with people. Her open heart allows her to be more than just a Realtor, but a friend made family. There is a care in her work that makes her approachable and trustworthy that translates to a sense of security for me when doing something as serious as buying a home. When it comes to finding a place for my family to live out their days, I put my trust in a Realtor like Noelle Labrousse. She makes my home buying experience more than just a business transaction, but instead puts heart into finding a space for me and my family to grow. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Stacy Vickery

Noelle Labrousse is the Nancy Drew of Real Estate.

David Mulhern

I have been working closely with Noelle Labrousse (Watson Proxy) for about 7 years. I work as a Realtor and was wrestling around trying to get systems in place that would provide consistent regular touch points with my clients. I was looking for something that would bring value to my clients, service that would extend beyond the traditional, something that would make me standout from the competition. My company offered a wide array of systems but I wanted something more personal and not so cookie cutter corporate. Also, I had looked around and knew how costly it could be which caused some hesitation on my part.

LGA offered me the solution and I was estatic when I learned how afordable it was; actually the price is amazing for what you get!

It was the birth of an idea that will continue to be useful to me in my business forever.

Creativity keenly describes one of Noelle's most valuable character qualities. Noelle brainstormed a new structure and design for my client communications. She was the overseer of my entire communications strategy including social media, print, editorial and design.

Noelle’s character strengths are a great backdrop for some of her skills. She is an excellent writer and editor; in her time with me she designed and wrote a wide array of content, from home books, “How To Guides” that I now refer to when generating new clients. The Elements of Joy newsletter became truly excellent - a great source of information, insight, and interaction with clients. This success has Noelle's fingerprints all over it.

LGA has brought unity to my presentation raising my standards of professionalism. Their work has resulted in saving me time increasing my sales and improved service to my clients.

I love the fact that they can quickly remodel the necessary marketing pieces for my business to keep it current in today’s ever changing culture.

Thank you for reading my mind and bringing order to my chaos!

Joy LenigerRealtor

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