Only Good Things Issue 4 | Volume 13: Hungry Bears, Beards, and a Jungle Spy, oh my…

Spend a little time in Kenya and pick up on this live feed. Check in on our wildlife friends, be a Jungle Spy!

Links worth clicking in to:

  • “Researchers using digital technology deciphered the writing on two pages of Anne Frank’s diary that she hadpasted over with brown masking paper, discovering four naughty jokes…”
    Click to Read: Um, what? More details, please.


  • “Above all, new television responds to an omnipresent loss of normative authority, of a robust failure of humans to feel at home in their world: to trust their governments, their leaders, their role models, their traditions and, ultimately, even their senses..”
    Click to Read: It’s all about the Family


  • “It is Gowing’s ardent belief that the bearded are better looking, better morally and better historically than the shaven. To call him a huge fan of the suburbs of the chin would be an understatement.”
    Click to Read: The Philosophy of Beards 1854

The world is an overwhelming place for the curious mind and we live in an exciting time. I prefer to take it in, a few facts at a time.


This week I learned:


The wind is slowing down

The speed of the wind has fallen by 60% in the last 30 years. No, really it’s true!


The world’s billionaires made enough money in 2017 to end extreme poverty SEVENtimes over.

Tested and True by 20-somethings everywhere…

It would cost you approximately $140 a year if you ate ramen for every meal.

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