Only Good Things Issue 4 | Volume 14: Love is winning and we’re hunting for a Sea Monster so obviously some good things ARE happening. Happy Weekend!

“It’s not the thing you fling, it’s the fling itself.”

I am a visual learner, can you tell? My chicken-scratch imagination has generated many mad doodles in preparation for assignments, tasks, and tests. Sister Connie (my 6th-grade teacher) wanted to fire me from her class when she made us turn in our notes. My doodles enraged her. If she saw this, she would fire me from my life, I’m sure of it. None-the-less, the following tidbits struck a chord in me this week, hopefully, they can be of some silly, sweet value to you too.

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  • Scientists, real Scientists mind you, are on the hunt for DNA to identify the Loch Ness Monster. This is the real deal here folks. I mean it worked to find the Golden State Killer, I say, Happy Hunting!
    Click to Read: Nessie!!!! I so told you so.

The world is an overwhelming place for the curious mind and we live in an exciting time. I prefer to take it in, a few facts at a time.


This week I learned:


Love is Winning!

67% (2 out of every 3) Americans now say Gay Marriage should be legal and valid. This is the highest level in our history so far says Gallup. You know what this means right? This means that love is winning!


Thank you Mr. Roth

for showing us how to turn our thoughts and perceptions inside out and upside down. “You Can’t Tell a Man by the Song He Sings” made a lasting impact on me.


Dear Bobby Dylan

Happy Birthday. Thank you for your poetry. Without you, we would not have Bruce Springsteen.

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Only good things to you and yours,