Some big stuff happened this week in history. If you have an inclination to travel back in time, take these 5 tips with you:

TIP: Steer clear of the O.K. Corral on October 26th if you are in 1881. There’s quite the gunfight going down. Unless of course you want to meet the Earp brothers and Doc Holiday, they’ll totally be there.

TIP: While you are in 1881, make a short trip to Spain on October 25th and welcome the greatest artist of the 20th century into the world.

TIP: If you are in 1844 on October 22nd for the return of Jesus Christ, prepare to be greatly disappointed.

TIP: Take a trip in the way back machine to 4004 BC on October 23rd. Supposedly the world was created on that day at 9 a.m. Sounds like a trip.

TIP: Stop off in 1916 on October 24th and shake Henry Ford’s hand. He just made it an official policy to pay women and men equally.

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