Time Travel Tips: November 4th-November 10th

By November 7, 2018Time Travel Tips, Watson Proxy

Some big stuff happened this week in history. If you have an inclination to travel back in time, take these 5 tips with you:


TIP: If you don’t like curses, avoid Egypt on November 4th in 1922. Howard Carter just opened King Tut’s tomb and he’s touching all of Tutankhamun’s stuff. There’s definitely an ancient curse for that.


TIP: Sightseers should be advised to avoid the Parliament building on November 5, 1605. Guy Fawkes and ten of his pals just placed 20 barrels of gunpowder underneath it.


TIP: Stop off on November 8th in 1656 and wish Edmond Halley a happy birthday. This smart guy gained so much notoriety for his work with the stars they named a comet after him.


TIP: Fans of 1965 pack a flashlight. The Great Northeast Blackout hits the east coast on November 9th. The biggest power failure in U.S. history took down New York, parts of eastern Canada and portions of seven neighboring states.


TIP: If you are walking around in 2008 on November 4th, make sure to wave your Hope flag high. Barack Obama was just elected President.