Time Travel Tips: November 11th- November 17th

Some big stuff happened this week in history. If you have an inclination to travel back in time, take these 5 tips with you:


TIP: Fans of Ballooning should pop on over to California on November 13, 1981. Congratulate Ben, Larry, Ron, and Rocky for their triumphant Pacific Crossing. These guys traveled 5,768 miles in a hot air balloon just to set a record.


TIP: Get your pen out if you are hanging out on the Mayflower on November 11th in 1620. These fellas are making a compact! Sorry ladies, it’s dudes only. 🙁


TIP: Bake a cake and wish Washington a Happy Birthday on November 11th if you are hanging out in 1889. This rain-soaked land has just been named and claimed by the United States of America.


TIP: If you are in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 11,1922, you would be well advised to make an offering to one Edith Vonnegut. She just gave birth to a legend.


TIP: Nessie enthusiasts high-tail it back to 1933 on November 12th! Hugh Gray just got the first photo ever of the Loch Ness Monster and it’s playing catch with his dog.