Only Good Things Recap: November 2018

By November 30, 2018Only Good things Darlings
November sure hustled by, here are a few of the goodness finds:
A Puntastic Pun
Punfunatics, take a moment for this little read in defense of puns.  Click to ReadFantasy Football meets Christmas
The Hallmark channel has outdone itself this year. This app allows you to track the hits. Ho Ho Ho for the win. Click to ReadArt Art Art
You can now browse over 500 Art books and download them to your heart’s content for FREE. Take a Look

There’s Money in Comics!
In 1947 Stan Lee wrote an article for The Writer’s Digest making the case for comics. “It’s a big field, it’s a well-paying field, and it’s an interesting field. If you haven’t tried to crack the comics yet, now’s the time to start.”Take a Look

Sometimes Bird Watching just happens. Meet the Ravenmaster.Click toRead

“Natural objects that are vast in relation to the self…are more likely to produce awe.” We all know the forest is awe-inspiring, duh, and now a study reveals why it’s good for us. Click toRead

A Whale Tale
Citizen Scientists rejoice. You can now listen to the undersea sounds of killer whales as they go about their days. Marine bioacoustics you say, sign me up I say. Click to Listen Animated Book Covers of some vintage greatness is worth a browsing. Take a LookMost days of the year, Jonas Neubauer is a regular dude. During the Classic Tetris World Championship, he’s a god.”Bartender by day, Tetris God by night. Click to see

The House Springsteen Built: An Oral History of the Stone Pony  Click to Read

David Byrne’s protest playlist is a beautiful thing. Buck Owens, Nina Simone, and Phil Ochs all make the cut. Take a listen

The Art Institute of Chicago has opened an online gallery! Click on the link below and peruse thousands of pieces of artwork right from your chair/standing desk/chair. You might want to set an alarm, this newsletter is late because I got a little lost in the virtual hall.  Click to see