Noelle K Labrousse

Noelle K Labrousse



My name is Noelle Labrousse and I am a Real Estate Agent working in Portland and Oregon City. I’ve compiled the following FAQ to assist you on your quest to find a Realtor who’s perfect for you. Think of this as a preliminary interview, I know I do.

Experience much? 

Born and raised in Portland, I have spent my life and the majority of my career in service to the fine folks who call our beautiful pocket on this planet, home. Real Estate has enhanced my understanding and appreciation of Oregon in ways I never expected to expect.

Life before Real Estate?

Before I took to Real Estate, I designed marketing systems and collateral for Real Estate Agents (I still do) . Before that, I owned a boutique marketing company and had a blast selling books from a tiny storefront in SE Portland. And before that, I was a banker. My life pre-real estate has been invaluable to my work now. I have a diverse well of resources and experience to tap upon and I wouldn’t change a thing.

What areas do you serve?

Oregon City, Portland, Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

Are you a member of the National Association of Realtors?

Yes, indeed I am.

How will you keep me informed about progress?

I will contact you with weekly updates on the progress of your home sale and/or purchase. I will take your lead on communication. However you wish to discuss terms whether it’s via email, text, or phone, I’ll happily comply.

What sets you apart from other Realtors?

This is a tough question because I am in fine company with some excellent colleagues. However, I do maintain a creed, a value system of sorts. The following list is a summary of my ethical approach to Real Estate:

  • I enjoy serving others, and I am passionate about my community.
  • I am an honest person and I do not compromise that honesty in my personal or professional life. I believe in being straight forward, fact-driven, and drama-free.
  • I enjoy hard work and I embrace the commitment it takes to serve my Clients and close deals.
  • I believe change is what you make of it.
  • I take my work seriously, I take my clients seriously. I try not to take myself too seriously. Seriously.
  • I am a community-minded, service-inclined Real Estate Agent with a relentless dedication to my family, clients, and friends.
  • I will always root for the Underdog.
  • When I’m not at work you can find me with my family, reading a book, or watching a ballgame.

Whether you are buying your first home, selling your forever home, or you just need some information, I’m going to care about it. You and your success are the greatest reward in this business and I look forward to it!

Please contact me via email or phone and I’ll get back to you promptly.

Cheers to you and your Adventure!



 Whether you seek a rural setting or an urban oasis, I have the experience and tools to assist you!