Labrousse, Garrity, and Associates aka LGA Creative will forever hold court in my heart. Kelly G Harminc and I met on a mission to embrace, promote, and celebrate the little Guy! We started with copy and design and went on to forge a community-minded, spirited company. Throughout LGA’s tenure, I had the fantastic opportunity to create, learn and grow with a terrific team of talented, passionate individuals. LGA was the birthplace of some of my greatest ideas, challenges, and work. As a co-founder and partner, LGA is engraved in my mind and on my heart. It has propelled me and aptly equipped me for the success I enjoy today.
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LGA Creative was a collaborative effort composed of creative practitioners with a common vision on a sweet and simple mission: Provide affordable, authentic, and superior creative services to small businesses throughout the Portland Metro area. Built upon the shoulders of small business owners, magnificent risk-takers,  nomads, and others;We served your small business with a creative and full heart.

LGA Services

Whether you were a start-up on a shoestring, a freelancing buccaneer, real estate agent, or band; LGA catered to the size of your business with affordable options, authentic copy, and superior design.

LGA offered a variety of packages designed to meet your business needs. Big or small, frugal or flamboyant, we worked within the parameters of your budget in order to guarantee your success. Superior, personal, integral, and genuine care was LGA’s promise. Once you became a client we did our darnedest to make you our best friend. Our Clients were our family. We would cry with you, hold your hand, and come get the raccoons out of your garage, if you said so.

LGA played host to a number of events throughout the Portland Metro Area and beyond. From the Crafty Underdog to Stumptown Sweethearts, LGA’s team of musicians, artists, idea makers and dance party starters came fully equipped to celebrate small business and the folks who make it great.

A monthly event on a mission to celebrate and promote the work of Portland’s finest Artisans and Musicians.

After three years, 1000+ Portland Artists, a retail store, and a compilation album release; The Crafty Underdog called it quits. The monthly event provided Artists and Musicians alike the opportunity to promote their work and network simultaneously. Each event featured live music, 35+ local Makers, and food and drink specials provided by McMenamins Mission Theater.

Foster Art Night was a monthly event which ran from May through August each year. Every third Saturday, businesses along Foster road presented Artists, live music, performances, and specials dedicated to celebrating art within our SE Portland community. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet your neighbors and enjoy the fruits of the businesses who call Foster home.

An annual event on a mission to celebrate and promote the work of Portland’s Wedding/Fashion Community.

This event was as beautiful as it was challenging to produce. Live music, a fashion show, and 100 of Portland’s finest makers met and mingled with potential clients and their colleagues at Stumptown Sweethearts and memories were made. It was a joy to be on the creative end of this wonderful project.

My awesome LGA comrades kept our ship afloat. I wrote the following bio’s, but these folks brought the rad:

Kelly Harminc
Partner|Lead Designer

Kelly Harminc is an artist living and working on the shores of Lake Monona, Wisconsin. Her creative eye for detail and extensive background in graphic arts coupled with a keen insight into her client’s needs animates a dynamic client/designer relationship. Drawing from a rich reservoir of historic and contemporary artistic traditions, Harminc integrates the client’s concept into a crisp and captivating presentation sure to please. Harminc’s work communicates a friendly and clean message distinctly unique to the market of her client. Each design is crafted to address the individual aspects of its intended audience.

“Kelly’s work is simple and bold at the same time. She took my idea and created a message. My customers comment on it almost every time they see it. Great work Kelly.”
Trisha Pierce, Salon Owner

Kelly resides in the Midwest with her web guru husband, Dusan and beautiful baby boy, Leo. It is here that you will find her in day dreams of her boyfriend Don Draper tending to her beautiful front yard veggie garden as trams fly overhead. Kelly’s impeccable taste in imaginary boyfriends, transportation, and the color Cmyk creates an experience worth having.

Noelle K Labrousse
Partner|Creative Director|Wordsmith

Illustrious, witty, and inspired, Noelle Labrousse is all swag and no BS. Labrousse, co-founder and partner in LGA works with the remnants of language to produce copy worthy of its subject. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Labrousse has been witness to insurmountable growth and is dedicated to the strength of her community.

“The small business landscape has undergone a great many changes. It is our job to provide the tools and innovation necessary to thrive in spite of those changes.” – Labrousse, LGA

In addition to her work with LGA, Labrousse is devoted to working within her local community to create ongoing sustainability and integrity in growth.

Jeff Rideout
Strategic Marketing Director

Oh Captain, my Captain! Before boarding the LGA, Jeff spent 3 years in the grips of the shipwreck salvage industry while simultaneously earning his MBA, interning at a non-profit and working full time to pay for it all. Inspired by his life coach, Hall of Fame Shortstop, Ozzie Smith and the occasional microbrew, Rideout provides a thorough and adventurous approach to the creative process. His cartoon filter vision in congress with his owl-like wisdom continuously harvests the insight necessary to develop a marketing strategy worthy of your brand.
When he’s not diving through LGA’s sea of ideas, Jeff relaxes with Manchego cheese, a touch of vino, and his favorite 70’s era Monster flick.

Libby Rice
Officer of Operations

Libby Rice is LGA’s operations overlord. In a crowded room where ideas fly and often bounce (quite literally) off the walls, Libby is on guard to catch them, alphabetize and prioritize them. Hailing from the roots of an education in Anthropology and the Pet Shop Boys, Rice divides her time between running the shop and keeping a keen eye on the bottom line. When she is not busy maintaining the safety of LGA, Rice commits herself to her art.

** It should be noted that without Libby Rice, LGA would indeed, burn down.

Jason McArthur
Web Guru| Fisherman

The secret weapon behind the of wheel of rad is our very own Jason McArthur. From app building, programming, and troubleshooting, Jason can just about run the world at any given time. Lucky for us, he’s not so ambitious. With over a decade of experience, McArthur has mastered the art of web construction and design. When he’s not entrenched in the land of developing, we are pretty sure he retreats to some higher zen-like plain that humans can’t see, we can’t be sure.

Arwen Ungar

A Portland, Oregon native and lover of all things literary, Arwen Ungar is a writer, editor and perhaps more importantly, a bowler. With long stints as a reporter for some of the largest media companies in the world, Arwen hopes to combine her big business dealings with her small town upbringing in innovative ways to serve the community.

Prior to joining LG&A creative, she wrote about all things Web 2.0 with a focus on small businesses and technology for Dow Jones Inc. Ungar widely covered emerging New York Internet companies that were netting huge sums of venture capital. Prior to that, she worked for the Financial Times Group Plc., writing predominantly about small businesses in the New York metro area.

In addition, Arwen has worked as a writer, photographer, and designer for publications including: The Lunch Times, The Roswell Daily Record, In Good Tilth, The Portland Sentinel, The Springfield News and The Tri-County News.

Always at the ready with a laugh to lighten any mood, Arwen infuses LG&A Creative with a buoyant and dynamic spirit.

Stacy Vickery
Artist|Creative| Events Liaison

An idea worth having is one worth keeping when it comes from the mind of Artist and Creative, Stacy Vickery. As one of LGA’s creative instigators, Vickery assists in the composition of lyrical, dynamic, and compelling campaigns to suit the client at hand. LGA is fortunate to have Vickery on the team. When she is not busy drumming up grand schemes, Vickery can be found in her studio where she shapes metal into stories, or at home with her one and only beautiful son, Avery.

Raven Campbell
Illustrator|PR Maven

Illustrator, Mama and friend too many; LGA is a lucky duck to have Raven Campbell on the team. From hand-drawn brilliance to online social management, this PR Maven has mad skills. Raven joined the team in 2010 where-in she single-handedly revolutionized LGA’s approach to network communication. Creativity comes easily to Campbell. With an idea in one pocket and a quote in the other, Campbell’s role in LGA is nothing short of inspired.

Jake Houck
Music Director

In tune and in touch with the Portland music scene, Jake Houck spends the majority of his days recording, listening, mastering, and creating the soundtracks of the cultural landscape.
Native to Oregon, local to Portland, Houck has over a decade of sound experience. From ska, to jam rock, country to metal, and everything in between, Jake has worked alongside emerging artists and their instruments every step of the way. His diverse understanding of taste and elemental background in music and music technology enables Houck to take his clients out of the garage and onto the stage.
Whether you’re a 10 piece band or a one lady show, Houck’s experience as a lead singer, player, booker, and promoter will surely keep your audience attune. Having booked shows at a number of venues throughout the Northwest such as the WOW Hall, Dante’s and Berbati’s Pan; Jakes’ industry knowledge and melodic company provides a highly beneficial service to his clients and friends.
Jake graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Music and a focus on Music Technology. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his son, for whom he is lyrically inspired each and every day.

Adrienne Corcoran
Event Coordinator

Hailing from the romance of Southern Oregon, Adrienne Corcoran has refined LGA’s taste for new adventures and big ideas. As event coordinator, she takes a creative and inspired approach to ensure success. Adrienne thrives upon the shoulders of chaos with her hawk-like skills of observation. From the finest of details to the big picture, Corcoran delivers an experience worthy of you and your vision. When she’s not directing the ins and outs of the party, she’s likely to be found with a good book, some stinky cheese, and daydreams of her and Christian Slater’s trip to Narnia.

We Heart Small Business was on a mission to embrace, promote, and celebrate the little Guy!
Our good fortune was founded upon the shoulders and heart of small business. Driven, spirited, and creative folks working together to craft, endorse, and celebrate diversity, community, and originality.

We Heart Small Business hosted a directory of creative and skilled freelancers and contractors at the ready to serve their community. It also served as LGA’s slogan and became its own apprenticeship program at one point in time.